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BASEUS cablel Type C for Apple Lightning 8-pin PD20W Power Delivery Cafule Metal Cable CATLJK-B02 2 meter white


Παραγγελία, Παράδοση 4 έως 10 ημέρες


Παραγγελία, Παράδοση 4 έως 10 ημέρες

Fast type C cable with Lightning connector for iPhone. It allows you to quickly charge Apple devices with a power of up to 20W. It supports the PD protocol and is compatible with the iPhone 12 series. Provides lightning-fast data transfer speeds up to 480 MB/s. Charge your iPhone in no time! The product is compatible with the PD protocol and is suitable for powering a wide variety of Apple smartphones – from the 12 series to the 6S. Fast charging means you can charge 50% of your iPhone’s battery in 30 minutes. Safety first: the temperature of the cable connectors is kept at a constant level, so you do not have to worry about overheating and damaging the phone’s battery – even when you use it while charging. A special chip that matches the voltage and current of the work to the type of device ensures safety. The improved copper core is an extremely efficient conductor, thanks to which it is possible to charge devices so quickly. Additional protection made of rubber protects the phone entry against scratches. Lightning-fast data transmission: transfer files between devices at speeds up to 480 MB/s. Ultra-durable construction: UV coated zinc alloy is resistant to oxidation and fading. On the other hand, the cable made of braided nylon protects its delicate interior and surprises with its solidity – it is not afraid of bending or stretching it. Specification: Material: zinc alloy + nylon braid Power: PD 20W Transmission speed: 480 Mb/s Length: 2 m

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