BASEUS LED lamp i-wok series USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hanging Light (fighting) Pro black DGIWK-P01





Adjustable LED desk lamp for computer screen. Perfect for computer work, it illuminates the workplace accurately. Convenience: The lamp mounted on the computer screen is a great solution because it takes up little space and gives very good lighting of the computer desk and keyboard. Just connect the lamp to the screen and power it via USB. Touch buttons cause smooth dimming, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp to the environmental conditions. Eye protection: The new improved full-spectrum LED light source reproduces natural sunlight – thus providing a comfortable lighting experience and clearer lighting. The color rendering index above Ra 97 can emit natural light to show the original color of the objects. Lighting is free from blue light hazard, visual strobe effect, and provides better eye protection. High quality: The finish of the lamp is simple and smooth, with light luxury aluminum alloy material. The device is equipped with modern LEDs that ensure long life and low energy consumption. The lamp is installed easily and quickly using a gravity grip. The set includes a USB-C cable, thanks to which we can connect the lamp. Specification: Material: aluminum alloy + PC + ABS Color: Black Light: LED Number of LEDs: 80 Color temperature: 3000K – 6500K Lumen value: 160 lm Color change indicator: 97 Power: 5 W (max.) Cable: USB-C (included) Cable length: 1.5 m Suitable screen thickness: 5-40 mm Size: 464 * 100 * 27 mm Weight: 480 g Manufacturer’s code: DGIWK-P01

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