Baseus lockable rope strap for Apple Watch Let`s go Series 38mm / 40mm white-pink LBAPWA4-A24





A minimalist Apple Watch strap. It prevents the wrist from sweating, has a length lock. Unlike traditional straps, where the skin often sweats, this minimalist cotton cord headband is fully breathable. Thanks to its minimalist shapes, it does not draw attention away from the Apple Watch itself. The band has a length lock that prevents the watch from slipping off your hand. The excess string is attached in such a way that it does not interfere with everyday use. The strap is light, does not restrict movement and does not tire the arm even during sports. Compatibility: Apple Watch 3/4/5 (38/40 mm) Wrist circumference: 4.5-9.5 cm Length of the band: 14-30 cm Material: PC / Aluminum alloy / cotton lanyard

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