BASEUS Papery notebook holder Mesh grey&yellow SUDD-GY


Παραγγελία, Παράδοση 4 έως 10 ημέρες


Παραγγελία, Παράδοση 4 έως 10 ημέρες

Portable laptop stand. It allows you to work comfortably on a laptop with a screen size of up to 15 “. Thanks to the built-in adjustment, it allows you to adjust the parameters of the accessory to your individual needs. The stand is fully adjustable – it will allow you to raise the laptop screen by 10°~30°, which means that we can set the device at the most comfortable angle. Supports correct posture, relieves the hands. If you work a lot outside the office and travel a lot, that’s not a problem at all. The handle folds easily. Made of brushed aluminum, the stand is solid and simple. Silicone inserts protect the laptop against slipping. The shape of the product ensures an adequate supply of air for cooling, protecting the laptop from overheating. Specification: Material: PC Compatibility: laptops below 15″ Size: 287 x 207 x 0.8 mm

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