BASEUS rain wing wiper repaires silver CRXFQ-0S





Regenerator / wiper cleaner in the car. Intended for restoration, it can restore old car wipers to new condition. Extends the life of the wipers. Thanks to this simple and small tool, you can extend the life of your wipers by three times and improve visibility in difficult weather conditions. The specially coated blade allows the original shape and streak-free view in just 30 seconds. Easy to use and suitable for all doormats. Usage: 1. Remove the squeegee and wipe. 2. Attach the rubber squeegee belt to the sanding belt and drag. 3. Rinse the squeegee after repair to remove any debris. 4. Put the wiper back on the car. Specification: Material: aluminum Weight: 40 g Size: 65 x 38 x 13 mm

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