BASEUS slim waist humidifier (with accessories) White DHMY-B02





Slim Waist air humidifier. Perfectly circulates indoor air. Built-in LED backlight with a choice of backlight color. It is perfect for small children’s rooms, offices, cars. The high-quality device management system prevents it from running dry. The water level is constantly monitored, and in the case of its lack, the device informs about it with a discreet audible signal. Special seals do not let water in even when the device is tilted. Backlight color adjustment depending on your mood. Micro USB power cable included. Specification: Material: PP + ABS Input voltage and current: 5V / 1A Working current: 0.6A Charging port: USB Water capacity: 380 ml Spray rate: 20-35 ml / h Continuous spraying: 6h Intermittent spray: 12h

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