BASEUS wireless charger Light Magnetic 15W for MagSafe Iphone 12 black WXQJ-01


Παραγγελία, Παράδοση 4 έως 10 ημέρες


Παραγγελία, Παράδοση 4 έως 10 ημέρες

The wireless charger has been designed with a built-in MagSafe magnet for the new iPhone 12 series. It offers a whole new level of charging. It supports up to 15W of power for fast charging and is compatible with all Qi-compatible smartphones. Versatility: Thanks to perfectly matched magnets, the charger adheres perfectly to the 12 series iPhones, MagSafe function. The charging power is up to 15W (depending on the smartphone) which can be used to quickly charge phones such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and iPhone. It is possible to charge a phone in a case if its thickness does not exceed 6 mm. In addition, it allows you to charge Apple AirPods, AirPods Pro headphones. Safety: The charger has a charging coil which, by increasing the charging area, significantly speeds up the entire process. The intelligent control system detects the phone’s parameters and adjusts its power to them. It protects the device against short circuit, overcharging, overheating and deep discharge. Convenience: The charger is slim, with anti-slip pads ensuring the stability of the charger. LED diode informing about the current charging status. Specification: Material: PC + TPU + TPE Color: black Power: 15 W Input Current: 5V / 2A 9V / 2A 12V / 2A (Max) Interface: USB-C Cable length: 1.5 m Size: 63.2 * 88 mm Weight: 56 g Compatibility: Phones (QI-enabled devices) / AirPods, AirPods Pro Manufacturer’s code: WXQJ-01 Additional informations: – We recommend using a QC3.0 adapter with a power of 18W or more (not included). – Only the iPhone 12 series phones support MagSafe.

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