BASEUS Yiven Audio Cable Jack 3.5 male Audio M30 1M Silver+ Black


Παραγγελία, Παράδοση 4 έως 10 ημέρες


Παραγγελία, Παράδοση 4 έως 10 ημέρες

BASEUS AUX Yiven M30 cable for music equipment. Allows you to connect an amplifier, speakers or headphones to your smartphone. Provides a high level of transmitted audio. The BASEUS AUX Yiven M30 cable is the perfect choice for any music lover. The product allows you to connect music equipment to your phone, and thus – play stereo sound in the highest quality. Optimal cable length (1m) gives great freedom of use. High quality of materials used for production ensures long-term and safe use. Reinforcements where the cable breaks prevent breakage and extend the life of the accessory. Gold-plated tips are not only elegant, but also corrosion resistant.

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