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Custom Zipper Polybag Type 1 (215x115mm)





Personalized foil packaging – a string bag. It takes up little space, which makes it easy to display the product. Consumers are more likely to reach for nicely packaged products, so it is worth selling them in elegant packaging. Thanks to the packaging, the offered products stand out on the shelf and gain an elegant look. Personalized packaging allows you to distinguish both the product and the brand. When ordering our bag, you can put your brand logo on it, and also make it easier for customers to contact you by providing your address details. To order a personalized bag, contact your sales representative who will provide you with the details of the offer. After placing the order, you will receive a ready-made design in the form of an editable file on which you can put your logo and contact details. Delivery time after approval of the project: 5-6 weeks Specification: Size: 215 x 115 mm Internal size: 185 x 105 mm

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