Hot air soldering station – BAKU BK-702B. Designed for soldering with SMD components such as SOIC, QFP, PLCC and BGA. An excellent choice for repairing small electronics, such as mobile phones and video cameras, as well as home appliances. Built-in anti-static system to prevent damage to soldered components and temperature control with knobs. Equipped with a separate compressor that allows you to increase the air flow, and along with it – the strength with which the soldering iron “blows”. Intelligent temperature display shows the current temperature as well as any change made within the setpoint, i.e. if you change the temperature setting from 300°C to 250°C, the display will initially show 250°C and then show how the temperature gradually drops starting from 300°C. Hot air gun provides efficient demolition welding. Wide application – the soldering station is suitable for heating shrinking, drying, removing varnish, removing viscosity, removing ice, preheating and soldering with glue. 5 nozzles of various sizes included, allowing you to adapt to your individual soldering preferences. Specification: Power: 270W Pump power: 45W Input voltage: 220-240V HOT AIR adjustable air temperature: 100-420°C Adjustable air flow: 0.3-24L / min

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