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Hot air soldering iron and soldering iron. Used in electronic services for safe soldering of temperature-sensitive components. Temperature control with buttons and airflow with knob. The station is equipped with a sensor in the stock holder, thanks to which, after putting the stock on the plate, the station cools the heating element for 3 to 8 minutes and then turns it off (standby mode). Thanks to this, we save energy and extend the life of the heater. After the soldering iron has reached standby mode, it can be turned off completely by pressing the button or restarted by lifting the iron. The station remembers the last set temperature. Stable and efficient air exhaust provided by the fan located in the flask. The fan is driven by a brushless motor. Temperature setting and smooth airflow regulation with buttons. A set of nozzles: – round nozzle with a diameter of 7 mm – round nozzle with a diameter of 8 mm – round nozzle with a diameter of 12 mm Support for the tip flask with a cleaning sponge Specification: Station: Power supply: 230 V Power: 750 W Hotair soldering iron: Hot air temperature control: 100-450 [C] Temperature stability: +/- 1 [C] Air flow: up to 120 liters/minute Head size: 22 mm Soldering iron: Temperature regulation: from 200-480 [C] Temperature stability: +/- 2 [C] Power: 60 W

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